How to nurture leads? And know what they care about.

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These little ones need nurturing to hatch. Just like sales leads!

It was Monday morning. I had a rather busy weekend, ferrying kids around to all their activities (music, football, squash), managed the rugby tournament of the age section I coach and many other weekend errands. And I was suffering from Monday morning blues. I was taking a new tech company to market so a substantial portion of my time was invested in prospecting. Looking through the list of prospects I engaged with in the past few months, I was annoyed to realise there was a lot of companies we dealt with but didn’t keep in touch with. There wasn’t a marketing automation in place (yet). And as timing is key in sales, I wished I’d knew which ones had engaged with my content since our last conversation so to know which one I could go back to. For a lot of these companies, what we did made sense but it wasn’t part of their priority when we first talked.  As always, timing was part of the essence…

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Are you using sales toys? You should if you manage sales leads

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The only “toy” to predict if a lead is a good one?

Process, process, process… And people, people, people. Is this really what sales is all about? Isn’t there something for the geek amongst us? Well, yes, there is. There are some toys, some sales toys (I know, sorry…). Actually, there are loads and loads of toys! No shortage of new applications targeted at helping sales people. From CRM, big data (yes, in sales too) to predictive analytics and tracking tools, the list is endless. Here is one company that recently caught my attention: SalesPredict. I’ll try to present more companies but I start with this one not only because the technology behind their service is rather cool and similar to technologies I have been selling in the past but also because it helps people in sales. So, it combines two keen interests of mine: data science and sales.

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