Three reasons why enthusiasm doesn’t sell

Have you got happy ears?

Photo credit: Michael

Have you looked at job description for sales people lately? Have you noticed that all sales people have to be “enthusiastic”. Yeap, because sales people deal with people so they have to have that enthusiasm for their product and service. And this enthusiasm will naturally be persuasive. Because a prospect is naturally convinced by a salesperson that is knowledgeable about their product and so positive about it? Isn’t this right?

Another way to demonstrate our enthusiasm is to arrange a “demo”. In the technology industry, a demo is more often than not the first step a sales person is going to organise when dealing with a prospect. Because via the demo, we demonstrate all the nice features and attributes. Sadly though, I fear features and benefits don’t sell…

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Je suis Charlie


Deeply affected by what happened in my country today. Journalists who died were really great human beings. And police men died trying to protect them in horrendous executions. Amongst the journalists assassinated was Cabu, the personification of a friendly, always giggling person. I “grew up” reading their comics and watching Cabu’s smile on Kids TV. Really affected. Senseless. RIP.

It all starts with a conversation

Conversation. Sales. Process. Cold-calling
It all starts with a conversation

Photo credit: Daniel Coy

Imagine. You are creating your B2B start-ups. You had that marvellous, light bulb moment. You did some research, interviewed people. And after much fear, you decided to go for it. Congratulations! You’ve done the first step on an exciting journey. And now, whether your start-up is about a product or a service, you need to sell. Yes, sell. Whilst you rightfully feel that your idea or your product is really unique and possibly world changing, you need to convey this to someone who then will take a big punt on you and give you some of hard earned cash (or cash from a budget they manage) and give it to you. So you need to convince. You need to put them in a motion that will take them to you buying. But even before this, you need to approach prospects who could, heaven forbid, be complete strangers. And you dread this. You dread this probably because in the back of your mind, you associate sales to a range of concept which you don’t associate as sexy. Yes, concepts like cold calling, cold emailing, convincing, asking people for money and so on…

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Hello and happy new year 2015

Stay on the right side of the pendulum

After much consideration and procrastination, I am starting my blog. Not much to talk about on this first note. Only that it will be focused only on one thing. Sales. The challenges and complexity of it. It will also be used to share some experiences, good and bad, and how I could I have handled them better.

The picture above as well as the one currently used as the logo for this blog has been taken by Karsten Konrad.

Happy 2015.