Sales proposal: why two pairs of hands are better than one

Sales; Sales proposal; Proposal
No, no! Not this type of proposal!

Photo credit: pix Dust

 “Switch off your game station Freddie, you need to do your home work”. Freddie, 8years old, had to do his home work and unsurprisingly his dad was facing some serious resistance. Freddie knew he had to and it was a pain. But he wasn’t to get on with it (Minecraft was oh so more attractive). So his dad took a slightly different tack. “Ok Freddie, what do you think is the best approach to get your home work done so that you can keep playing?”. Freddie thought this through and suggested a way forward. To start with, it wasn’t ideal to his dad. So, after a couple of iteration between the two of them, Freddie and his dad managed to find the ideal way to get the home work done without crisis. Why did this work? Because Freddie’s dad made sure his boy was part of defining the solution, rather than forcing a way that HE thought was relevant. “What’s this got to do with sales,” can I hear you say. One word: psychology. And getting people buy in. Let me explain.

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