Why this blog?

Good question. If you wonder why this blog, here is a short note explaining it all. First of all, I am not in the sales training business. But I have been through it and gained great value as I was not coming from a sales background. I actually thought sales was easy and that the product / technology was the most essential part of a successful company (the infamous “Build it, they’ll come”). However, after struggling with sales in start-ups, I came to realise that sales isn’t about meeting people and building relationships. There is a bit of it but that is not what it hinges on. I came to realise that, whilst sales is mostly about interacting with people in an efficient manner (like most things in life), it is also very methodical. There is a way to do things well and “meeting for coffee” isn’t the main thing.

I am now rather obsessed about running sales activities efficiently. I am still improving and working on it. I also believe that knowing how to run meeting efficiently by setting objectives, bearing in mind what people care about and listening rather than talking about ourselves is a useful skill.

But digress. Why this blog did you ask. Well, simply to share what I have learned and what I practice for those who might find it relevant and (maybe even) useful, whether in a sales context or not. If you want to discuss sales related matters, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact form below or via a social mean on Twitter here or on Linkedin here (if you look me up, don’t be a stranger, say hello or send a connect request specifying you come from here :) ). But again, I am not in the field of sales training, I am an operator as say and focus on tech companies if you wonder.

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, if any that is.



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