Dear visitor. Apologies for the messy front page. I am currently doing some changes, transiting from a blog format to a more fully fledge website. The blog is still available on the link above.

Why this change? Because I have been focusing my non regular blog on the sales topic. But I would like to broaden the topics covered to economic topics, books I read and found interesting, entrepreneurship, start-ups I come across which I find of interests and others subjects. I realise that producing content just on what I do for a living was somewhat limiting. Hence the change of structure and current WIP.


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HervĂ© brought with him tools and processes to automatize and scale up our outbound activities. He is at the same time a doer, a coach and a strategist, which makes him very valuable for a startup like ours.    


HervĂ© is great at implementing sales processes from the ground up, opening doors, working across timezones and companies sizes, from large banks to small startups, while making our team and product more efficient.